I'm looking for low cost car rentals, how do your rates compare?

We’re confident our all-year low rates for new cars deliver the best car rental value in Sydney & Perth.

At Bayswater, we aim to provide the best car hire experience possible with easy online booking and all pricing information explained in detail on our Sydney Car Hire and Perth Car Hire pages and at the counter. No hidden charges or unwanted surprises.

It’s not just our day rates that are amazingly low

Our standard damage excess $5,000 and if you select Damage Waiver the excess for damage is reduced to $0.

Conditions apply, but this is great value and peace of mind.

Larger fleet means better prices & service

Bayswater’s large fleet of over 2,500 vehicles ensures a great rate and service.

When you consider all the areas in which you’ll save, you’ll see we beat all competitors on the total cost of car hire, whether it’s a local ‘Rent-A-Wreck’ with cars five-to-ten years’ old or a standard service with high-quality new cars.

See the savings for yourself

Updated regularly, our comparison tables compare Bayswater’s prices with seven leading car rental companies.

See the cost comparison tables on our Sydney and Perth Car Hire pages.

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