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Some commonly asked questions:

  • Do you hire baby seats?

    Yes. Please see our baby and children's seats FAQ for more information.

  • Is my credit card billed during reservation?

    No, your card is only billed when you pickup the vehicle from us.

  • Do you have any automatics?

    Yes, all our vehicles are automatics.

  • Do you accept international drivers licenses?


  • What is the minimum licence a driver must have?

    P1 (Red P-plate).

  • Is there any extra charge for travelling to the snow fields?

    Please see this FAQ: Taking cars to the Snowy Mountains

  • How can I change the details of my booking?

    Please contact the appropriate office.

  • Will I have to pay an interstate fee to travel from Sydney to Canberra?

    No, both NSW and ACT are included.

  • Do you accept debit cards?

    Yes, we accept Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards.

  • What about roof racks?

    None of our vehicle are fitted with roof racks. Items cannot be put on, or carried on the roof of our vehicles.

  • Do you have any cars that seat more than 5?

    Yes, we have 7 seat SUVs.

  • Which is the closest office to the Perth Airport?

    The Kewdale office, which is a 5-minute cab ride or low-cost shuttle transfer.

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