Terms and Conditions

Sydney, NSW Lease Terms and Conditions

The benefits of this agreement are in addition to and do not exclude any rights or obligations under the Competition and Consumer Act or similar State Laws

All references to “the car” refer to the vehicle which is subject to this lease.

  1. The Lessee agrees to:
    1. Return the car to the Owner at the depot from which it was taken at the agreed time stipulated.
    2. Not refuse to be tested for, nor drive with the presence of alcohol, or drugs.
    3. Warrant that the lessee and any listed co-drivers are holders of a valid motor driver’s licence.
    4. Accept responsibility for a breach of these conditions by the co-driver, if one is listed.
    5. Not allow any other person to drive the car.
    6. Drive the car only on sealed roads.
    7. Not drive the car through any water, including; rivers, creeks and any flooded roads.
    8. Not wilfully damage the car, including; not carry surfboards or any item on the roof.
    9. A $500 replacement key charge, if the key is not returned with the car.
    10. Return the car full of unleaded petrol - shortages are charged at $3.50 per litre.
    11. Return the car in a clean condition, or a $50 cleaning fee applies.
    12. Not smoke, vape, or have pets in the car, or a $200 cleaning fee applies.
    13. Only have the car towed or repaired with the permission of the Owner.
    14. A $25 administration fee for each traffic-infringement in addition to the fine.
    15. Our Fair Use Policy. e.g. not use the car for security patrols, nor courier deliveries.
    16. Consent for my personal details to be used to obtain an Eqifax Credit Score. ( A score of 500+ is needed).
    17. A $150 fee if the car is taken into Victoria, or Queensland-South-of-Bundaberg.
    18. Not take the car into; South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, or Queensland-North-of-Bundaberg.
  2. If the car is damaged, the Lessee agrees to:
    1. Not leave the scene of an accident until Police attend.
    2. Obtain all details and assist the Owner with the recovery of damages.
    3. Not admit, or apportion blame.
    4. Complete a Police Report and the Owners damage-report-form within 24 hours.
    5. Provide confirmation to the Owner that the lessee and listed co-driver have a valid driver's licence.
    6. Pay for all damages (including theft), where the key is not returned to the Owner.
  3. The lessee agrees to the following apportionment and limitations of costs by authorising to have their debit, or credit card debited;
    1. The charges, as agreed.
    2. All road toll charges incurred, plus a $1 administration fee for each toll.
    3. A $5,000 charge for each occurrence of damage to the Owner's vehicle.
    4. The cost of all damage to the car related to a breach of these conditions.
  4. If within 30 minutes from signing the lessee returns to the owner to raise a doubt, about the car or the conditions being satisfactory, the Owner will cancel this agreement and reimburse the full deposit.
  5. The Owner’s business hours are displayed on our website. We are closed on Public Holidays. The car shall be charged for until checked in by the Owner during business hours. Each whole 24 hour period shall be charged as 1 day. One tenth of the daily charges will apply for each hour over 24 hours (e.g. 26 hours would be charged as 1.2 days).
  6. The Owner may monitor the car with a tracking device. Should the car not be returned within the agreed time stipulated, the lessee may be deemed to have stolen the car and the Owner may take steps to regain possession, including police action and nationwide circulation of personal details with photographs.
  7. All transactions are processed in Australian Dollars (AUD).