Basic rental car travel facts for Australia

You’ll discover some driving conditions and road rules unique to Australia. Here’s all you need to know.

You will be driving on the left side of the road.

There are several divided highways between major destinations. But there are also many two-lane, undivided highways, where it’s likely you’ll share the road with all types of vehicles (a dangerous place for drivers who are drowsy).

Speed limits range widely. Don’t be surprised when the speed limit drops quickly approaching cities and towns, even before you see more traffic or people.

The top speed limit in most areas is 100km. Speed limits in built-up areas, particularly around schools and hospitals can be as low as 25km.

There are speed cameras, fixed and mobile, to catch people speeding (there are advance warning signs for most fixed speed cameras).

Police frequently conduct Random Breath Tests to catch people driving under the influence of alcohol. You don’t have to drink much to be over the limit.

City parking is not always easy. While you may find a large parking station for a few hours, understand this can be very expensive, especially in Sydney and Melbourne.

Finding street parking in the Central Business Districts (CBD) is almost impossible. Some parking meters take coins only and some accept credit cards.

Petrol is between AU$1.30 and $1.60/litre, depending on the day and where you buy it. Bayswater’s fuel-efficient Toyotas will help reduce petrol costs.

Electronic Toll Road Payment (E-Tag): Sydney and Melbourne have toll roads that only accept electronic payment via E-Tag. Bayswater Car Rental makes this easy and inexpensive with automated toll payment for every car rented out of Sydney.

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